Being a trader, you have to serve your customers efficiently and you need to track your marketing strategies in real- time. A successful trading business is probably equal to the right combination of tools and techniques, right from receiving orders, planning to shipping and delivering goods to the customers. We understand the complexity involves in the whole business operation in trading industry and that’s why we designed an effective and the best Trading ERP software for your business.

WAY2CIS ERP software for trading business offers you the much needed and craved edge over your competitors in the market. Our enterprise management solution offers an end-to-end solution that controls and organizes every aspect of trading business- be it packing and shipping goods on a small scale to processing and distributing global orders. It means, our software is fit for all sizes of trading businesses. ESS offer ERP Trading software for small trading company, dedicated module for Trading


Businesses today are striving to optimize resources and improve the overall business efficiency. To achieve all of this, technology serves as a key enabler. Modern ERP solutions and applications help in enhancing process association, implementing smarter solutions to ensure more productivity and to reduce loss, and identifying gaps in the demand-production-supply cycle. It would help to ensure that businesses deliver faster, better quality products, while also ensuring adherence to regulatory norms. Our Automation, Big Data & Analytics, GRC, and ERP solutions can empower businesses to redefine profitability and raise the bar of efficiency and productivity.


ERP service software provides rich functionality to service industry be it the architects, marketers, accountants, financial advisers, engineers or consultants. ERP service offers highly customized and knowledgeable key services to their clients on varied functionalities like service delivery, employee staffing, client billing, contact management, service notification, revenue recognition, profitability analysis and more.

Services industries by nature are project-oriented as they combine numerous projects and financial management solutions. They work on specific verticals meeting the needs of unique niche industries. An ERP for service business helps in overcoming the complexity and workarounds in service industry via its diversified intuitive features. A service industry software can very well fit into the cliché of service business needs, streamlining every business operations, maximizing resource utilization, project management, and executions, managing time and expense and more. Odoo comes as an efficient and robust ERP for service industry with many integrated modules like Project management, Task, Reporting, CRM, Accounting, Sales and Invoice catering to all specific needs in the service business and allowing service differentiation in industry.


In order to remain or become a strong player in the automobile industry it is crucial to have streamlined business. Enterprise Resource Planning systems can obviously help achieve this goal and redefine greatly one’s company development. With ERP solutions implemented into business process there are no difficulties in overcoming inevitable industrial challenges such as high quality customer service, vendor, inventory and delivery management, marketing and labor efficiency. Such systems provide specialized companies with a comprehensive set of features which serve to track and analyze current policy making, make reasonable changes and control the work of all departments.

Every day automobile manufacturers and dealers meet the challenges of constantly developing market where they should do a lot to be successful: bring to life innovative products, reduce costs, be environmentally friendly and so on. ERP systems are destined to help synchronize production processes of all the stages and provide departments with an adequate information realm.


The retail sector is no more about selling consumables and utility products by attracting customers with an exhibit products with offers and discounts. The modern retail industry works on the in-depth understanding of customer behaviour – buying patterns, needs, preferences; and most importantly, customer satisfaction. The retail business process is an interlink of various business units – from manufacturing to packaging, storage, logistics and then onto a desirable display of your favourite products strategically placed to capture your attention.

We offer solutions that would help you integrate all the processes to make your business efficient and more cost-effective. Our ERP and SCM offerings help you streamline your processes and manage your resources better. With our Digital and Big Data & Analytics offerings, we empower you to enhance the in-store and web customer experience – digital displays, self-service kiosks, scanners, web & portals, mobility, and more. We also provide customer insights to help you predict future demands and strategise better to make smarter decisions.


The Construction Industry is one of the booming industries in the world. It is projected to grow from US$ 8.5 Trillion in 2015 to US$ 10.3 Trillion by 2020 as per CIC’s (Construction Intelligence Centre) Global 50. With such exploding growth in this segment, Construction and Real Estate companies need a sophisticated and robust IT system to bolster their processes for better operational efficiencies and enhanced customer satisfaction.

For a Construction Company keeping its project sites running and the field staff productive is the top most priority. WAY2CIS ERP for Construction Industry seamlessly integrates the end-to-end operations of real estate life cycle to reduce risks & maximize profitability. Built on decades of industry experience, it is a comprehensive set of modules which offer better operational ability to bring more efficiency and greater productivity.

WAY2CIS ERP for Construction company in India bolsters the efficient operation of your business processes by integrating tasks related to Sales, Site Management, Manufacturing, Logistics, Project/General Accounting and Staffing throughout the business. WAY2CIS the best ERP Software for Construction Industry ensures that authorized field staff has access to data at all times so that the construction work keeps moving and the field staff can communicate and collaborate with the top management. It also provides real-time connectivity on mobile devices to bolster the exchange of information between the field staff and management.

Real Estate

Real estate being one of the most booming industries across the nation holds a good amount of competency thereby. Increasing population and improved standards of living are two key reasons one can say.

How does the real estate sector keep up with the burgeoning demands? Enterprise resource planning software with its reliable modules like inventory manager, tracking tool, etc. helps in streamlining the misaligned and important operations for a real estate business. Some of the major operations or challenges for a real estate business are generating and maintaining leads, maintaining good relations with customers, tracking data, accounting and many more.

We provide custom real estate management software for real estate agents, their customers, and partners. Our solutions help realtors to effectively manage their properties, empower sales and marketing activities, handle leasing & mortgage services. Each of our projects is tailored to client’s unique needs, such as marketing automation, agent’s workflow management, meeting scheduling, invoicing, or document sharing.


If you are dealing in chemical and pharmaceutical industries and fed up of handling the extreme pressure of safety parameters and quality optimization, you definitely need an ERP software to reduce your stress. To give a successful and undoubtedly smooth running platform to the businesses, WAY2CIS is offering a technologically advanced MX-ERP that continuously helps users in managing day-to-day processes of chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries without compromising the stated quality standards.

It is really very difficult to find a perfect solution facilitates in making a better way of maintaining production process and inventory records in pharma and chemical industries, but at present, we have a powerful ERP solution as an alternate of this problem. Developed application framework is the IDE (Integrated development environment) based solution and hence extremely acknowledged due to its features of compatibility, robust structure and scalability.


Hospital Information Management System primarily targets an element of health informatics, which deals mainly with administrational needs of medium and large sized hospitals. Electra, HIS or HMS or HMIS is quite comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of a hospital's operation, such as Front Office, Clinical, administrative, Material or consumables and financial issues and the corresponding processing of services.

Hospital software company allows operational visibility which helps in running hospital profitably. While it has multiple challenges while operating the hospital processes efficiently, this computerized system can integrate all departments- pharmacies, diagnostic labs, blood banks, etc. The best part about hospital software is that it is cloud-based and there is no need to install costly servers.